New Brighton Beach

campingWe just went camping at New Brighton Beach — your first camping trip! Our biggest concern was regarding sleep time so we set up two pack n’ plays in a very large tent. You went to sleep at night quite easily though you didn’t really want to nap during the day. I suspect that is because being outside is your most favorite thing to do and you were both very upset that everyone was outside still playing and having fun while the two of you were cooped up inside the warm tent and forced to sleep! We walked to the edge of the cliff and got to look over at the ocean – your second time looking at the ocean but your first time really noticing it! Your first ocean experience was at Redondo Beach with Uncle Dan and his family but you were so young that I don’t think you knew even noticed the beach past the pier. This time you were pointing excitedly and noticing movement and the animals in the water. We did see some dolphins but I think you just thought they were birds.This weekend was also the first time that you got to pet a dog! A very large dog. Bennett was afraid to get to close but Avery was fine to pet his ears and nose, such the little daredevil.

You are both standing on your own quite proudly and love to push your walkers. You both love bath time except when you are tired and when I pour water in front of you, you try and catch it with your fingers.

Things you both love:

  • airplanes
  • birds
  • dogs
  • eating with your hands
  • sitting outside on a blanket in the grass
  • bubbles

Words you love to say:

  • moah (“more” – this word you say the most because you find that we give you stuff when you say it)
  • bubble
  • wow (I think this was the first word for both of you! said when you see something you like, like airplanes, birds, yummy snacks, etc.)
  • uh-oh

When I say momma, you think it means to point to yourself because I point to me when I say it.

New tricks:

  • “don’t drop that dun dun dun” – booty dance
  • “camel camel camel” – spit like a camel
  • “penguin” – rock from side to side

Avery is still stealing toys from Bennett and overall is the aggressor. Bennett is pretty easy-going until he just can’t take it anymore! But those times are not too frequent. Praying that you two will get along and start sharing toys instead of being at odds all the time.

So many new things come up everyday that I just can’t capture them all but every moment is a joy, even the challenging ones. Love you both so much.


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