Year One

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

At the hospitalI’ve had the very best year of my life since the twins entered the scene. My eyes well up in gratitude just thinking about them and how very blessed and lucky I am, how overwhelming God’s grace has been to me despite my failings though I know grace is not tied to my level of effort. My sinfulness is overwhelming and yet I guess what they say is true. The more you understand the depth of your fallenness, the more you understand God’s love and unconditional GRACE.

Avery and Bennett amaze me each day with how quickly they are changing and how defined their personalities are already. Avery is a bit more opinionated and feisty although Bennett has his fair share of outspoken moments. Avery definitely pays more attention to what Bennett is doing and usually wants whatever he has and wants to go wherever he goes. For the most part, Bennett will let his sister get her way but every now and again will protest and when he does, he can express his preference just as loudly. There is never a dull moment and definitely endless moments of joy despite the inevitable exhaustion.

New experiences include going into the swimming pool, being pulled along in the bike trailer, lots of time “picnicking” – blanket time on the grass (one of our favorite pass-times), bubbles, and field trips to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and the Curiodyssey Science Museum even though they don’t really know what is going on quite yet.

Observations about both:

  • Fast crawlers and can easily grab furniture, people, etc. to get to the standing position. By month 14, they are easily standing and at least Avery looks to walk at any moment!
  • They love riding the shopping cart at Costco, especially outside with the wind blowing
  • Currently putting most everything into the mouth
  • Foods they enjoy: blueberries, bread, cantaloupe, asian pears, noodles, tomato-based foods
  • In the mornings when I go to get them after having woken up, if they are in pleasant moods and I move toward them, they both like to throw themselves back in the lying down position. Kind of startling but rather entertaining.
  • Right after they turned 1, I started dropping them off in the nursery at church and they have gladly stayed to play with the caregivers while I go to worship. Praise God! I even love that they welcome me back with a little whimper to show they missed me 🙂

Some fun tricks they have picked up:

  • “Dance dance dance” – will start to move to the rhythm if you chant “dance”
  • “Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah” – more dancing, but slightly different moves
  • “Gonji gonji gonji” – Mom taught them this old Korean trick, finger to the palm
  • “Head head head” – hands to the head
  • “Tongue tongue tongue” – tongue sticking out
  • Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and they will open and close their hands
  • Sing Row Row Row your Boat and they will do a rolling motion with their arms
  • Wolf wolf wolf: howling with the head tipped back
  • Gorilla gorilla gorilla: pounding of the chest
  • They like to give you objects and will sometimes grab your hand to give you an object
  • They might share food but often will offer the food and then eat it themselves

Observations about Avery:

  • We call her “Savory Avery” because she prefers salty foods over sweet. She loves her lasagna and minestrone.
  • Very adventurous and a bit more brave when it comes to loud noises and riding certain toys, but more cautious when it comes to dealing with people.
  • Went through a brief phase where she would only come to me – I secretly loved it and Basil would refer to himself as “chopped liver”
  • A bit more cuddly, likes to nestle her head into your neck.
  • Very smelly poos.

Observations about Bennett:

  • A very curious eater. No matter what we feed him and especially if it’s something new, he will take the food out of his mouth to inspect it. Of course soon after he will also rub his face, hair, etc. and proceed to get food all over himself.
  • Bennett is less suspicious of new people, unless of course it’s the elderly for some reason, but is a bit more sensitive to loud noises and new experiences.
  • Bennett falls to sleep most nights and naps very easily. When he’s especially tired and happy to be in his crib, he’ll do a little chuckle as you put him down. If for some reason he manages to get back up again, when you walk toward him to ease him down, he might just throw himself back down, all the while giggling.

I’ll end the list here or else there will be no end as there are new discoveries daily. I love being Avery and Bennett’s mom, my life is so full and I’m so grateful for this gift God has given me and Basil. I look forward to the privilege of raising them and for the opportunity to experience life in a whole new way.

(Quote by Dr. Seuss)


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