Momma lost Avery?

Children's Discovery Museum of San JoseToday’s adventure was found at the Children’s Discovery Museum. I was happy that it was a Saturday instead of our usual Sunday which meant that we had more time to spend at the museum. I was sad that the Storyland exhibit was replaced by Broken? Fix It! which meant that Bennett wouldn’t be able to find his favorite stuffed animal (Spot the Dog) and carry it around endlessly or build his snowmen and Avery wouldn’t be able to clomp through the snow or play in Peter Rabbit’s house. But at least this gave us even more time to spend in WaterWays and hang out in the ambulance.

Purchasing lunch at the cafeteria is always a little bit of a challenge since the Shwins refuse to stand calmly in line with me and so I strapped them in the double stroller which of course triggered a mini tantrum. I’m thankful that the tantrums are generally short-lived, especially the ones in public.

The real thrill of the day came after lunch when I told Avery and Bennett that we needed to start to head home, the announcement of which triggered Bennett to start running at full speed away from me. Without giving it a second thought, I chased off after him, picked him up and then looked back to where I left Avery. How silly of me to think that she would be waiting for me to come back with her brother. Instead, all I saw was a sea of people, lots of people. This was a Saturday at the Children’s Museum after all.

I grabbed the stroller and carried Bennett (he refused to actually sit in the stroller) and I found myself repeatedly saying, “I lost Avery, I lost Avery” while frantically looking for my little girl. Here’s to hoping I didn’t freak out my boy too much. It took me approximately 1.5 minutes before locating her by the ambulance but I have to say it was a very long 1.5 minutes and I was really starting to panic. I should have known she would be by the ambulance¬† – on the way to the museum, the ambulance was all she would talk about.

Later that night Bennett randomly asks, “Momma lost Avery?” I tried to turn this into a lesson of not running away from me but he immediately started to cry and so I made sure to reassure him it wasn’t his fault.

Grateful that I found her, grateful that nothing terrible happened, and remembering to give my babies big hugs every chance I get.


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