Mama no work?

I’m a working mom, with perhaps the best working mom situation since my manager graciously let’s me work from home most days. Today was a day spent in the office and though most days the Shwins are happy to give me a hug and kiss and send me on my way, they’ve been a bit sick lately and I think are more reluctant to let me go. I saw this post come up on my phone and though it made me smile it also made me wish a bit that I could spend every moment of every day with my babies. Avery has been saying at random moments, “Mama no work?” looking for reassurance that I won’t disappear into the room that I’ve claimed as my office. Grateful for my job and doing my best to balance mommyhood, work, and the unending battle of having a clean-ish home all while joyfully living this life I know is filled with the Lord’s blessings. Thankful for the mung beans.


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