Mung Beans

We did not know what we were having until we had them. I thought maybe two boys.. and though I could not for some reason imagine myself with two girls, never in my wildest imagination did I think we would have one of each. Of course I wanted one of each, but it seemed too much to ask. Having children at all was already such an enormous answer to prayer and I just wanted them both to be healthy.

Avery Blythe showed up first and Bennett Aidan showed up a close minute behind. The most endearing moment for me was looking over to see Basil holding Avery and getting a bit emotional. I didn’t have that same connection until a bit later as I didn’t hold either baby in the delivery room. I was given a chance to see the babies but they were brought in so close to my face, my eyes never had a chance to focus!

Basil’s dad gave them their Chinese names: Mung Eun (Avery) and Mung Wei (Bennett). They are my mung beans.


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