Kids Got Jokes 2

Dad: How about we eat dinner first and then have dessert?
Bennett: How about… we have dessert?

Bennett has a blanket wrapped around his neck and Avery has a blanket wrapped around her body.
Avery/Bennett: We’re getting married!

Helen: What’s that on your leg Bennett?
Bennett: Marker!
Avery: Can I see it?
Bennett covers up the marker on his leg and asks Avery: Where’s the marker?

Mom: Guess what?
Avery: Chicken butt!

Helen comes into the kitchen.
Avery: I’ve been looking for you!

Bennett puts two noodles in his mouth.
Bennett: I’m a walrus!
One noodle is: I’m a toucan!

Bennett has made up a few words which replaces anything: nabby, natty. Example:
Dad: Please apologize Bennett.
Bennett: I’m nabby!

Avery while wearing a stethoscope: I’m a doctor!
a second later..: Dr. Seuss!

A friend brought over some homemade cookies which we let Avery and Bennett eat. Cookies were finished and we had been playing in the living room for a little while when Bennett declared: I want a cracker! I took him to the kitchen and gave him a cracker and he looked at me and said, “No, I want a brown cracker!” How to resist? I gave him another cookie..

Where ARE we, Dada?

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