Sweet Dreams, No Rotten Dreams

After we put the kids down to bed for the night, I expect that either Basil or I will have to go back in at least one time if not more for any number of reasons: a sock fell off, someone can’t find Star Bear or Pink Monkey, there is a tag on a shirt that is all of a sudden the biggest nuisance and needs to be cut off, one of them wants to go play, someone needs to pee pee.. the list goes on.

Tonight the first to call out ever so quietly was Avery. I went in but made the point to visit Bennett’s crib first since he was being so good. He starts to mumble: “two blankets, two blankets” so I start to reach for his blankets to tuck him in. Then he says more audibly, “no – AVERY! two blankets”. Sweet Bennett wanted me to know that Avery’s request and the reason for calling me back into the room was to tuck her back in with the required two blankets.

A few nightly rituals:

  • We “talk about our day”
  • Prayer requests and prayer: lately they’ve wanted to pray for uni and their stuffed animals
  • Avery wants two blankets and Pink Monkey
  • Bennett wants a blanket folded that he can hug, his Star Bear and depending on his mood, maybe one other blanket on top
  • “Sweet dreams, no rotten dreams”
  • “Good night, sweet tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” or what they like to simply call: “no bugs”
  • Tickle time from Dada
  • Dada: “Who’s this?”
    Avery: “Bennett”
    Bennett: “Avery”
    .. followed by fits of laughter and more tickles
  • “I love YOU more” “No, I love YOU more”
  • “Good night sweet prince”
  • “Good night sweet princess”


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