Year Two

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

I’m more than just a little bit amazed at your grasp of the English language. Not too long ago, we were attacked by chickens at the Ardenwood Historic Farm. You understandably freaked out at the five chickens running toward us at a stunning pace, pecking around our feet. I put you both on top of the table to continue our picnic of bacon mac-n-cheese and proceeded to chase after the chickens if they got close, more than anything just to show you that I had things under control and willing you to please finish your lunch so that nap time would be a good one. On the way home we talked and laughed about how I “chased the chickens away!” and “chickens, get out of here!” The following Sunday Bennett brought up the story again without any prompting and mentioned how the “chickens were hungry.”

Heard lately: 

  • Said to a kid at Curioddysey: “Do you want this one?” as Bennett shares a toy.
  • Bennett pointing to a picture of a tiger on a merry-go-round: “Bennett rode that before.”
  • Avery pointing at punctuation and naming them excitedly: “Question Mark! Exclamation Mark!”
  • “Goodbye mama see you later!”
  • “Goodbye dada see you at home!”
  • “I’m good” when they don’t want to eat something ..

You are the best of friends and the toughest of rivals. You will battle fiercely but when one or the other is out of sight, the first question heard is: “Where is Avery?” or “Where is Bennett?”

My biggest prayer: that you would have a deep and constant faith in God that in turn gives you a peace and confidence that only He can give.

(Quote by Dr. Seuss)


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