A is for Avery, B is for Bennett

We just got back from our trip to Seattle to see Great Grandma Lee, Great Auntie Sandy, John and his family and I was glad to catch up with EJ and Jen. Such a fun time to connect with your cousins – they are so big now and I think you had fun!

Bennett is loving speaking in longer sentences:
“Momma lay down over there” – when you really want me to sit down somewhere.
“Momma’s hair.. gross” – when you find my hair on the ground
“airplane .. coming” – when you can hear a plane but can’t see it yet
“momma, go up higher!” when you want me to lift you up higher
“momma/dadda go er all the time” for farts
“momma, wipe my butt!” when we ask him what I’m doing when changing his diaper

the list goes on and on…

Avery is catching up as well and I love when you say: “Love you Momma” “Love you Dada”

Phrases/words you both say:
– Stop It! (oops)
– Okay!
– All right!
– No
– Good night
– Goodbye
– You both like to refer to yourself in the 3rd person as in: “Avery lie down” “Bennett go up” or Avery just likes to yell “Avery!” when she wants something..

Yesterday we decided to go to Hawaii next Monday after hearing that Grandma and Grandpa Kim will be there to figure out some visa/passport issues – I am so excited! If I’m counting correctly, this will be your 3rd time seeing them so I’m pretty happy for this reunion opportunity in HAWAII!! I can’t wait to take you to the beach and watch you try out the ocean for the first time. We have tried local beaches (Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, etc.) but the water has always been too cold to walk into.

Trips taken thus far:
a. Seattle 2x: 1st time was around one years old and 2nd time was before you turned two
b. Japan and Taiwan: when you were 1.5 years old
c. and now HAWAII at age 2!

I hope to show you the world and then some.

Songs we love to sing:
– Jesus Loves Me
– Row Row Row Your Boat
– Turn Down for What! (ask your dad about this one)
– Wind Wind Wind your Bobbin
– A is for Avery a a a, B is for Bennett, b b b, C is for Cami, c c c  – and on – this one is made up but we can basically make up the words as we go and it’s great..
– Happy Birthday to You

Love you so much.


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