Quack quack

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

averyWow, time is flying by SO fast. You are almost 22 months old. This morning you were eating breakfast and both of you started saying “quack quack” and I absentmindedly starting saying “quack quack” along with you. I looked out the window and of all things there was a duck sitting on top of our fence! You were trying to tell me you saw a duck out of the window – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in our back yard before. We happily finished our breakfast while quacking at the duck.

You love being naked.
You love saying each other’s names.
Yesterday when Bennett woke up first and we had some alone time, you would called out Avery’s name wondering where she was.
You are both starting to be ok with sharing and taking turns. Breakthrough! Hope it holds.
You love to play in water and in sand. So messy and wonderful.

We are often praying for “EmmaKiki” at your request as well as “Unpa Yadim and Auntie Suzoo”.

You love to read books and play outside.
You both can count to 2 and are starting to understand the concept of 3.

Our favorite book to read at night is “Great Day for Up” by Dr. Seuss
Feet up in the air, feet motioning riding a bike, arms doing the ferris wheel.. interactions on every page!

When Grandpa and Grandma Shen and Auntie Owl come visit you both squeal in delight. I love that.

You give hugs and kisses willingly.

Such an amazing gift from God you both are to me.

(Quote by Dr. Seuss)


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