“If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.”

hawaii3Just got back from Hawaii! This is our last trip with the Shwins before they turn 2 and it will soon cost a bit more for us to travel as a family, so we wanted to make sure to take advantage. Though to be honest I’m looking forward to flying with each child in their own seat! Overall an amazing trip, the best part of which is getting to spend time with my parents. This is the 3rd time for them to hang out with the Shwins, averaging once a year: at birth, at age one and now at age two. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work out of Hawaii just a week after our trip to Seattle.

The condo pool was ideal for the Shwins as it had a ledge in the pool that they felt comfortable walking on and our pool outings saved me a few times from restless toddler syndrome. It was ideal for getting them acclimated to the water — they finally warmed up to being in the water by mid-trip and it was a lot of fun watching them play with sand on the beach.

Beach TimeHawaii was a bit hot for me but I was glad to be able to take Avery and Bennett for the first time! Other highlights included spending time with both auntie’s and their families, seeing Dan and his family and hearing Dan preach, meeting Christine’s son Ryker and Dawn’s daughter Hannah.

Avery seems ready to be potty trained as she likes to warn me a few minutes before she poos that she has to poo. After one of our outings to the pool I stripped them down to change them and she left a clean little poo on the floor of the condo. Not sanitary but kind of cute. I think Bennett peed at the same time in the same general area near the TV. (Update: Avery finally pooped in the potty on 10/15 – breakthrough! I know, only something a parent can get excited over..)

Sentences spoken are getting longer and clearer and it seems you are not just repeating words that we say but able to comprehend what is going on and react accordingly.

(Quote by Dr. Seuss)


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