Small Challenges

This morning I was playing trains with the Shwins. They fight over which trains to play with – basically Avery wants whatever Bennett is holding onto, convinced that what he has is somehow better than what she’s got in her possession. It’s been interesting to see how they interact with one another and at times a bit challenging to know how best to referee or even to know if I should get involved at all. Things are not always as peaceful as might be reflected in pictures but it helps to remind myself that this is a learning process for all of us and ultimately character building, for ALL of us!

Avery and Bennett both have a genuine interest in books and I hope this love lasts lifetime. Yesterday I was flipping through a book and Bennett says: “baby cry” – he has said this before when he hears a baby crying out in the park. This time it was referring to a picture in the book of a little bear crying with his mom. Not to be outdone, Avery points to my picture of Bennett with his head bowed in prayer and says emphatically: “pray!”


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