Funny Things are Everywhere

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”

I’ve started to put you into the bathtub together and it’s so much fun! This way I don’t feel pressured to complete the bath too quickly and you have more time to play together.

Your rivalry with each other is growing but so is your ability to interact and entertain one another. I hope that continues to flourish.

It seems you both know what “two” means as you are proud to tell me when you have two apples or two blankets.

Avery is pretty particular about which shoes she wants to wear and which blanket she wants in the car. Bennett cares a bit but is not as concerned if I give him an alternative.

You love the otters at the Curioddysey and the raccoons at the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.

You both are able to bow your head and put your hands together to “pray” before a meal but my wish is that the Lord will reveal himself to both of you early in your lives.

This past weekend was filled with time spent with the cousins and I’m hoping that you will grow to be fast friends in this life.

Love you both so much.

P.S. One quick story before I forget. One day I was really frustrated with you both and Basil was sleeping so I was on my own. It was early in the morning and without thinking I walked outside and screamed at the top of my lungs 3 times without looking around. Keep in mind that our neighborhood is a busy one and I’m sure there were plenty of people on bikes going to school, walking their dogs, that kind of thing. I felt a bit better so turned to walk back inside and there the two of you were in the door way, imitating my screaming. I distinctly remember Bennett yelping “ahhhhhh!” and I started laughing 🙂 I realized then how silly I was and how I ridiculous I must have looked. God is definitely using the two of you to show me my weaknesses and my sinfulness but in a gentle way. You guys are jokesters.

(Quote by Dr. Seuss)


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